30 Positive Weight Loss Affirmations
to Help You Reduce Weight

Weight Loss Affirmations welcomes you. Here you will find daily affirmations for weight loss, which, if used diligently, will help you lose weight.

Permanent weight loss or weight control requires a change in lifestyle. The affirmations given here will help you to slowly but surely change your lifestyle.

Make intelligent and regular use of the positive affirmations for weight loss given below. In most cases, weight loss or weight control is a direct function of our lifestyle.

In other words, the food we eat, the frequency of eating, the way of eating, the physical exertions that we undergo, the rest we take, the mental attitude that we maintain, all over a long period of time - in fact over our complete lifetime - determines our weight and/or our weight problems. Use a suitable weight loss affirmation given below to help with your problem.

Most diets work only as long as you work the diet! The moment dieting stops, all the weight that has been lost slowly starts coming back. This only means that unless you change your lifestyle, you will again have weight problems. Positive affirmations for weight loss will help you change your lifestyle.

It has been found that our body maintains the weight that our mind is comfortable with. If, for some reason, the mind finds it necessary, then the body will start accumulating weight and very soon will find itself overweight. 

For example, during childhood, if you found it helpful to be “big bodied” for reasons of security, then your subconscious mind will take it upon itself to make you big and then to maintain your bigness. Weight gained in this way is difficult to remove if the mind is not dealt with first.

In such cases, no form of dieting will ever help. For real weight loss, it is necessary to change our thinking. You have to make your mind comfortable with the new weight you desire. Weight loss affirmations will help you in this task.

Sometimes, obesity is due to some glandular misfunction. In such cases, diets or affirmations won’t work. You have to undergo medical treatment for the same. If you are grossly overweight, then consult your physician for any glandular problems before starting a diet or affirmations.

Be careful of the wording of the affirmation. Never say “I am not fat”, because in this case you are focusing on your problem, i.e. being fat. And whatever you focus on, grows. Focus on the solution. So say “I am slim” or “I am losing weight daily and getting slimmer and slimmer.”

If you are a determined person, then repeating the following affirmations over and over, at least a hundred times daily, preferably in front of a mirror, for a period of at least six months, will slowly but surely help you look at and live a different life, one that is more fitter than fatter. As always, combine two or more of these free affirmations for weight loss, or even write your own healthy weight loss affirmations, taking a cue from the following.

Weight Loss Affirmations

Inspiration for current ideal weight.

I weigh _____ pounds/kg.

Inspiration for approaching ideal weight.

Every day in every way I am approaching my ideal weight.

Inspiration for physical fitness and ideal weight.

I love being physically fit and I lose enough weight so that I am at my ideal weight.

Inspiration for optimum metabolism for ideal weight.

My metabolism rate is at its optimum and it helps me in reaching my ideal weight.

Inspiration for eating healthy food for ideal weight.

I love eating healthy food and it helps me reach my ideal weight.

Inspiration for exercising daily for ideal weight.

I love exercising daily and it helps me reach my ideal weight.

Self talk for being physically active to reach ideal weight.

I am a physically active person and that helps me reach my ideal weight.

Self talk for getting slimmer and fitter on a daily basis.

Every day in every way I am getting slimmer and fitter.

Self talk for proper chewing of food to enable to get it digested properly for attaining ideal weight.

I properly chew all the food that
I eat so that it gets digested
properly and that helps me in reaching my ideal weight.

Self talk for deep breathing for better metabolism.

I breathe deeply every time so that my metabolism is at its perfect rate.

Self talk for physical movements to burn excess fat in body.

Every physical movement that
I make burns the extra fat in
my body and helps me to maintain my ideal body weight.

Image for the statement "I love myself unconditionally."

I love myself unconditionally.

Image for the statement "Life is beautiful and I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight."

Life is beautiful and I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight.

  • Losing weight comes naturally to me. I do it at will. And whenever necessary.

  • My deep breathing increases my combustion and facilitates my losing weight.

  • I release all blocks to losing weight and becoming fit. I deserve to be healthy.

  • I easily reach and maintain my ideal weight. Excess weight falls off me readily.

  • I am a disciplined eater. I always eat balanced meals.

  • Everything I eat nourishes and strengthens me because I eat only healthy foods.

  • In matters of food, I am able to say no when required. I eat only what’s required.

  • As my body and mind are healed, I lose weight on a regular basis.

  • I forgive myself for any indiscretion I may have committed in the past regarding food. I now eat only healthy food.

  • I accept my body for whatever shape I am in, now. Henceforth, ‘only fitness’ is my mantra.

  • I am now dissolving my desire for unhealthy food. My love for healthy food is now growing.

  • I am the creator of my own future and fitness. I determine the weight that I am.

  • I am releasing my excess weight right now. I am fighting fit and proud of it.

  • I am physically a very active person. My constant physical activity burns up the excess fat in my body and maintains my weight.

  • I have transcended my impulsive nature regarding food. I now eat only healthy food in limited quantities.

  • Every cell in my body is healthy and fit and so am I.

  • I easily control my weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercising.

It is a good idea to combine these affirmations with right eating affirmations. Be sure to repeat these affirmations at least a hundred times daily, preferably in front of a mirror. A still better idea is to repeat the affirmations in instalments of ten every hour, if you can find the time, chance and place to do it. This method keeps reminding the subconscious mind again and again and the resultant change is faster.

Another way of using weight loss affirmations is through hypnosis CDs or MP3 downloads. As you are aware, hypnosis is a powerful way of influencing the subconscious. If, in addition to affirmations, you also listen to hypnosis CDs or MP3, once in the morning and once at night before sleeping, it will do wonders to your progress.

If you search in Google, you will find literally thousands of sites offering hypnosis CDs or MP3 downloads on a variety of topics. It is very easy to get confused about choosing the hypnosis website that is best for you. After all, you cannot test the CDs or MP3s from many sites and then decide. I have done that job for you.

Being a trained hypnotist myself, it was easy for me to check out the best hypnosis CDs and MP3s in the market. So here goes. I found the following CDs and MP3 downloads as one of the best on the internet.

Click on each link below to learn more about the download and then decide whether you would like to buy them. Go get them and help yourself.

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