25 Self Affirmations to Improve Myself

Self affirmations are those affirmations that deal only with the exploits of self. God, Universe, Divine Presence, etc. don’t play much of a part in these effective affirmations.

An important premise in self development is that one is in charge of one’s own development. It is the “Self” that is responsible. Only when you accept responsibility for your own self that things begin to happen.

Each one of us has had some positive life experiences. We can build on these past experiences now (in the present) in order to build a good future for ourselves. A positive self affirmation will help in this. The positive life experiences of the past act as a foundation for the future.

A self affirmation is nothing but self talk. All of us indulge in self talk. Let us make it positive self talk.

A positive affirmation effectively tells our subconscious mind the kind of life we wish to live. It is “I-centric”, that is, it stresses on “I”, rather than on God, Universe, etc. Being I-centric does not mean being selfish. It simply means that you care for yourself too.

Being I-centric has more to do with self love than selfishness. If one does not love oneself then there is the danger of low self esteem. That creates additional problems.

When you use an effective affirmation, you are telling to yourself and to the world that you are willing to accept the responsibility for your own development.

When we repeat effective affirmations, we are reinforcing the power of the self to change our life for the better without taking the crutches of any outside help.

The framing of affirmations is very important. Follow the techniques given here. If you are weighing 250 pounds and keep on affirming “I am slim”, the subconscious mind will find it very difficult to believe you. It is important to say “I choose to lose weight and become slim” or something like "Every day in every way my weight is becoming lesser and lesser and I am fast approaching my ideal weight", which the subconscious will believe.

A list of positive self affirmations is given below. Use any one of it or combine one or more to suit your purpose. Repeat daily at least a hundred times for a period of not less than six months to see the results.

Self Affirmations

Inspiration for being happy, healthy and successful.

I choose to be happy, healthy
and successful.

Inspiration for being enthusiastic, energetic, strong and health conscious.

I am enthusiastic, energetic and strong. I am health conscious
and look after myself properly.

Inspiration for self love and a wonderful life.

I love myself for who I am.
Wonderful things are
happening in my life daily.

Inspiration for goal setting and achieving goals.

I set and achieve goals easily.
I am an achiever.

Self talk for being a go getter and a go giver.

I am a go getter and a go giver.
The more I give, the more I get.

Self talk for being able to make my own choices and my own future.

I make my own choices and
I create my own future.

Self talk for easy and effortless financial success.

Financial success comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Self talk for loving oneself unconditionally and viewing the world as beautiful.

I love myself unconditionally. I am beautiful and so is the world.

Image for the statement "Abundance is my true state of being. I accept it fully and joyously."

Abundance is my true state of being. I accept it fully and joyously.

Image for the statement "I am a capable person and a deserving human being."

I am a capable person and a deserving human being.

  • I think positively, take responsibility for my actions and create my own future.

  • I am motivated, optimistic and solution oriented.

  • I am assertive and in control of myself. I am impartial in my behavior.

  • I am a winner and I attract only success.
  • Opportunities always come my way. I seize them and accomplish my objectives.

  • I always try to be myself. I am good as I am.

  • I transcend negativity. I always stay positive.

  • I have learned from my past and live only in the present.

  • I am constantly growing and becoming a better and better version of myself.

  • I have overcome the habit of criticizing myself. Now I only encourage myself.

  • I value all my relationships and strive hard to make them work.

  • I'm beautiful in and out. I'm attractive and sexy.

  • Men want to know me because I'm beautiful by appearance and soul.

  • I'm a gorgeous person. I'm a knockout. All eyes look at me when I walk.

  • I have such a wonderful smile that every one stares at me. I am very pretty and attractive.

~ Submitted by Sarah Dashti from Manama, Baharain

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