35 Manifestation Affirmations
To Help You Manifest

Manifestation affirmations will enable you to manifest almost anything in your life.

Whatever be the dominant thought in your mind, you ultimately manifest it in your life. Thus, manifesting anything in life depends on how much serious and sincere you are about what you wish.

Constant repetition of affirmations is one way of saturating your mind with one particular thought so that it becomes the dominating thought in your mind.

To manifest means to make appear or to materialize. These affirmations will help you materialize your dreams, hence the name.

Manifestation Affirmations, like any other affirmations, should be repeated, preferably in front of a mirror to be more effective.

Abundance, peace of mind, lasting relationships, happiness, growth in job/business, health and healing, goals, success, ideal weight, are just a few topics where manifestation affirmations can help. Use them regularly and manifest your life.

Manifestation Affirmations

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Whatever I need, I manifest at the right time and in the right quantity.

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As I create the life I want, the
pieces fall in place at the right time
in exactly the way I want them to.

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I deserve to live the life of my dreams and manifest my desires.

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Every day in every way I am growing in my business/job and manifesting the life of my desires.

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I surround myself only with people who are positive and in alignment with my goals.

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I release any fears or limiting beliefs
I may have about manifesting success in any field.

  • I am a determined person, walking towards my goal with total concentration. Where success is concerned, I only take yes for an answer.

  • It is okay for me to have my desires manifested.

  • I follow my intuition and it always leads me along the right path.

  • I am able to manifest my true love, my soul mate, at the right time.

  • I radiate love. As a result, I manifest loving relationships in my life.

  • I am manifesting a dream job that suits my qualifications and experience.

  • I follow a healthy regime of exercise and good food, as a result of which I manifest a healthy body and strong mind.

  • I manifest prosperity in my life as I treat prosperity as a way of living and thinking.

  • Manifesting anything is easy for me as I am ever grateful to God/Universe for everything in my life.

  • Abundance and prosperity are manifested in my life as regularly and as easily as inhalation and exhalation.

  • I manifest my goals by staying focused on them and working hard to achieve them.

  • My total dedication to my business allows me to manifest success in it.

  • I manifest beauty in my life by my thoughts and actions rather than my physical attributes.

  • I work out daily on my body as well as on my mind. This allows me to easily manifest anything I desire.

  • I manifest all my financial goals by proper planning, research and action.

  • I tend to forgive all those who have wronged me, as a result of which I manifest peace and calm in my life.

  • I am grateful to everyone who enables me to lead a great life. I thus manifest a great life with ease.

  • I manifest happiness every moment of my life by choosing to be happy under any circumstances.

  • I manifest love in my life by giving out love to whomsoever I meet and wherever I go.

  • I trust in divine guidance to manifest my ideal life partner.

  • I am able to manifest as much money as I need, whenever I need, due to my money consciousness.

  • I manifest success in everything I undertake as being successful is my natural state of being.

  • I am always wealthy as manifesting and maintaining wealth is my second nature.

  • I manifest peace and calmness in my life as easily as I breathe.

  • I release all blocks to manifestations. Whatever I desire flows in abundance to me.

  • I am worthy of my desires. Hence, they manifest without resistance.

  • I easily transcend all my limiting beliefs/fears to manifest my desires. Life is fun.

  • I radiate peace and calm. That helps me manifest peace and calm in my surroundings.

  • Unwavering concentration, laser sharp focus and clarity of thought are my tools for manifestation and I use them wisely.

End of Manifestation Affirmations

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