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Here you will find various articles on self development; articles on topics that cannot be classified as belonging to affirmations, creative visualization, hypnosis, etc. Check back frequently as new articles are added regularly.

25 Business Affirmations to Boost Your Business

Business Affirmations will help you have a clear vision of your business, your goals, your attitude, your clients and your employees and a host of other things.

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22 Affirmations for Men

Welcome to Affirmations for Men. The quality of being a man is not difficult to define. The following Affirmations for Men are meant to enhance these qualities.

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Ifs and Buts

The ‘ifs and buts’ that we employ in our life decide the outcome of our life. If only my parents were rich, I would have been rich today. If only I had been treated differently during childhood, I would have been successful today.

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Saying No and Surviving

Many times, saying No is a key to happiness. How many times in life has it happened that , had you said NO right in the beginning, then you would had been a happy, carefree person now, but instead are a worried and miserable person now because you said YES?

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Charity is Good for You

That charity is good has been known since ancient times. When you give, it clears away the blocks for receiving.

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