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66 Power Of Thought Quotes that Show the Power of Thoughts

Welcome to Thought Quotes. The quotes given here prove beyond doubt that it is thought that creates, and that thought precedes action.

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52 Enthusiasm Quotes to Fire You Up

Welcome to Enthusiasm Quotes. Enthusiasm breeds energy and if you are energetic, nothing is impossible.

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105 Action Quotes to Prod You to Take Action

Welcome to Action Quotes. Action is at the root of any success. The following quotes explain the importance of action.

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101 Life Quotes

Welcome to Life Quotes. This is a collection of quotes, describing the various aspects of life. Some have described life as a journey, some as a temporary halt.

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30 Affirmations for Job

Welcome to Affirmations for Job. In today’s world, a job is as essential for living as food, clothes and shelter. Not everyone is capable of doing a business.

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