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22 Affirmations for Men

Welcome to Affirmations for Men.

The quality of being a man is not difficult to define. The following affirmations are meant to enhance these qualities.

What is a man? He is a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend; he is everything that one needs in life. He runs the house, he is the hero in the house, a boss, an employee.

He is one of the two wheels on which the cart of life runs.

Whenever a home is in trouble, generally it is the man that is looked upon to for solutions. Even when a woman heads a household, it is said that she wears the pants in the house.

Affirmations for Men emphasize all the above roles played by men. Take a close look at what you would like to emphasize. Select an affirmation for men and repeat it.

If you don’t find a suitable one, you can prepare your own one modelled on the affirmations given below.

Affirmations for Men

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I am proud and happy to be a man.

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I am successful, prosperous,
healthy, and happy.

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I love myself and I accept
myself as I am.

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I am respected and appreciated
and deservedly so.

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I am naturally masculine, graceful and handsome.

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I am assertive and at the same time, considerate about others.

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I am a loving person.
I give out love and
I receive love unconditionally.

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I am manly in my presence,
caring in my attitude and
loving in my personality.

  • I am a successful family man, a loving husband and a doting father.

  • I am a serious career person and I work hard to further my career.

  • I am a man of substance. I am interested in everything.

  • I take great care to develop my personality.
  • I am the other half. I am best in everything I do.

  • I love being a father. I am an ideal father and my children love me.
  • I am a loving and caring husband.

  • My partner is my soul mate. We complement each other.

  • I am everything a son can be. I make my parents proud in everything I do.

  • I love and respect my parents and faithfully discharge my duties toward them.

  • I am a loving and nurturing brother. I care for and dote on my sister.

  • I am the best male friend that anyone can have. For me, friendship is the ultimate relationship.

  • I am a sympathetic yet assertive and demanding boss and treat my employees equitably. I get the best out of each employee.

  • I am a productive employee. I take my job seriously and always give my best.

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