30 Marriage Affirmations for
Getting Married and for Preserving Marriage

Marriage affirmations can help in getting married as well as in preserving a marriage. Repeat them with faith and trust and let nothing distract your mind.

When we repeat these affirmations, our thoughts are focused on our marriage, our partner, our love and nothing else. There is no distraction. Whatever we focus on, grows.

A major reason why one remains marriageless is distraction (busy with other things in life) or looking at marriage from a wrong perspective.

  Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures.
  ~ Samuel Johnson (1759)

In today’s career age, both men and women are more interested in making a career. Everything else takes a back space. Marriage is also neglected, until, sometimes it is too late to find a suitable partner.

Marriage is neglected because one is focused on career. We eat, breathe and sleep career. What we focus on, grows. Thus, career blossoms, prospects of marriage wither.

Marriage affirmations help us rearrange our priorities. When the major thought in the mind is of marriage, the prospects of getting married increase. One starts taking action in the right direction.

For those who are already married, sometimes problems arise when both or one partner is distracted. Again, the distraction can be of any kind. An affair, career, an ailment – many things are possible. Here also, certain marriage affirmations can shift the focus back to where it is needed.

Remember, one has to work the affirmations and one has to work the marriage.

Working the marriage involves taking an active interest in the partner, in the family, going out, dining out, taking vacations together, remembering and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, doing everything that is necessary to keep the interest alive.

The marriage affirmations given below should be repeated at least a hundred times daily. It will be still better if you can repeat them more. Do this for not less than 3 – 4 months. The results will be sweet!

Marriage Affirmations help in getting married and in
preserving the marriage.

Marriage Affirmations will help you prepare mentally for marriage and also to preserve marriage.

Marriage Affirmations

Affirmations for Getting Married

An inspiration for getting married.

Marriage is my goal and
I am ready for it now.

An inspiration for attracting a life partner.

I am open to marriage and am attracting my partner now.

An inspiration for finding an ideal soul mate.

I am divinely guided in my search
for my ideal soul mate.

An inspiration for readiness of a union of two souls.

I believe that marriage is
the union of two souls and
I am ready for the union now.

Self-talk for getting ready for marriage.

I am excited about marriage and ready for it now.

Self-talk for getting ready for a life partner.

Somewhere someone is waiting for me and I am ready for him/her now.

Image of wedding rings and a flower bouquet for the statement "Marriage is the culmination of my love affair with my partner and I welcome it with open arms."

Marriage is the culmination of my love affair with my partner and
I welcome it with open arms.

Image for the statement "I know that marriage is bliss and I have attained it."

I know that marriage is bliss and
I have attained it.

  • I love ___________ and we are now husband and wife.

  • My perfect match has already been chosen and he's coming for me right at this moment.

~ Submitted by Christine from Sweden

Affirmations for Preserving Marriage

An inspiration for happiness in married life.

My partner and I are extremely happy in our married life and we propose to remain so indefinitely.

An inspiration for the importance of marriage and family life.

My marriage and my family are the most important things in my life and I intend to keep them so.

An inspiration for love between partners.

I love my partner and my partner loves me. We are bound together by holy matrimony for ever.

An inspiration for commitment to marriage.

Marriage is the highest commitment for me. I am devoted to my spouse and so is she/he.

Self-talk for eternal love between my marriage partner and me.

My partner and I are bound together in eternal love and our marriage is the seal of that love.

Self-talk for divine protection of marriage.

My marriage is divinely protected.
Nothing can separate us and we are together till the end of time.

Image of two interlocked marriage rings for the statement "I understand the sanctity of marriage and will remain bound by marriage for all my life."

I understand the sanctity of marriage and will remain bound by marriage for all my life.

Image for the statement "My marriage is the most sacred thing to me and I preserve it with all my might."

My marriage is the most sacred thing to me and I preserve it with all my might.

  • For me, marriage is the final frontier. I have conquered it and will guard it zealously.

  • Divine power protects my marriage. My partner and I are loved and are safe.

  • With each passing day, my love for my spouse grows stronger. We are bound to each other for life.

  • I appreciate my spouse and so does he. We believe in our marriage.

  • I forgive my spouse for past issues, if any. Appreciation and forgiveness are the cornerstones of our successful marriage.

  • My wife/husband is my forever partner in life. Our love for each other is unending.

  • I am loyal to my husband/wife. We trust each other implicitly.

  • I respect and love my husband/wife as he/she is, without trying to convert him/her into my image of a perfect person.

  • Our marriage is a match made in heaven and heaven is what we create between us on a daily basis.

  • I am the best friend of my husband/wife. I am non-judgmental and accept him/her with all his/her flaws.

  • I have the courage to accept the differences if any between us. We seek a middle ground whenever there is disagreement between us.

  • I always consult my husband/wife on important issues. I always lend my ears to his/her problems. 

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