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12 Nurturing Affirmations For The Inner Child

Affirmations for the Inner Child welcomes you. It is a very effective way of healing the inner child.

It is said that every grown up person has a child hidden inside him/her. In our day to day activities we behave as adults because we are adults and have to behave like ones. However, the childhood that we lived and experienced still lies inside us in the form of memories. For some of us, these memories are sweet, for some they are not so sweet.

Depending upon how we have spent our childhood, the child inside us may be happy, sad, adventurous, timid, brave, frightened, extrovert or introvert. It has been observed that our adult behaviour many times is a reflection of our inner child. If you wish to change your adult behaviour, then affirmations for the inner child can help you.

The inner child is often described as the artistic, creative, imaginative and dreamer part of us. It is the fun loving, playful, wonder seeking entity that resides within us.

Why does the inner child still reside inside us even after we have grown up? Why does it still need attention? There could be many reasons. Some of us had to grow up very fast and the child in us never got enough time to cope up. In some cases the small child had to play the roles of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. It never did get to be the child that it really was. Some children were abused. Their hurt was never healed. So many reasons are possible.

If the inner child is not healed properly, we have to face some negative consequences. We start taking life too seriously. Play, fun and laughter become alien to us. We may even find it difficult to enjoy with our own children. Life becomes a chore. Sometimes a person who was abused in childhood takes out his frustrations on other children and may himself become an abuser. So, healing the inner child is important. Affirmations for the inner child helps in that.

Affirmations For The Inner Child

Self talk that all is well now and in the future.

All is well. The present is great and the future is bright.

Self talk that there is joy in life as you release the past and live in the now.

Life is full of joy. I release the past and live only in the present.

Self talk that wounds are now healed and life is rich and fulfilling.

My wounds are now healed. I look forward to a rich and fulfilling life.

Self talk that today is the best day and that everyday is a today.

Today is the best day of my life and everyday is a new today.

Self-talk for being the center of your own universe.

I am the center of my universe. Everybody loves and appreciates
me and I reciprocate.

Self-talk for loving and caring the inner child and accepting it as it is.

________, (your name here)
I love you, I care about you
and I accept you as you are.

Self-talk for being proud of your inner child.

________, (your name here)
I am proud of you and all
that you are.

Self-talk for keeping the happy, joyous and fun-loving inner child alive.

The child in me is very much alive.
It is a happy, joyous and fun
loving child.

Image for the statement

________ (your name here),
you are free to make your own choices. Live your own life.

Image of a sweet child for the statement

The child in me and I are one.
We love each other, care for each other, appreciate each other and
will always belong to each other.

  • ________ (your name here), you are beautiful and attractive. Everybody loves you.

  • I have forgotten the sad past. I live in the happy present and a still happier future awaits me.

Inner Child

Visit your inner child and make friends with yourself with hypnosis.

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