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25 Goals Affirmations For Setting And Achieving Goals

Goals affirmations are an integral part of the process of setting and achieving goals. Use them regularly to condition your mind to achieve the goals you have set.

Setting goals is easy. Achieving them takes some work. Affirmations, visualization, planning, focus, hard work are all necessary for achieving goals.

The following affirmations focus on goals. Make them an integral part of your goal setting and achieving program. Select one, two or more GOALS affirmations from those given below and repeat them several times in front of a mirror. Combined with your other activities, they will provide wonderful results.

Goals Affirmations

Self talk for dissolving the habit of procrastinating difficult tasks.

I now dissolve the habit of putting off difficult tasks.

Self talk for releasing deep down all fear of failure.

On the soul level, I release all fear of failure.

Self talk for dissolving all blocks for setting and achieving goals.

All blocks to setting and achieving
my goals have dissolved now.

Self talk for letting go of all resistance to writing down goals.

I let go of all resistance to writing
down goals.

Self-talk for writing and reviewing goals regularly.

I write my goals down and review them regularly.

Self-talk for writing down the action plan needed to reach the goals.

I write down the action steps needed to reach my goals.

Self-talk about written goals helping me achieve life's goals.

My written goals are helping me to achieve my life's purpose.

Self-talk for replacing indefinite dreams with specific goals and action plans.

I replace indefinite, vague dreams with specific, detailed goals and
action plans.

Image for the statement

All resistance to taking the appropriate goal-achieving actions has vanished.

Image for the statement

I let go of all pessimism and doubt that I will achieve my goals.

Image of melting block for the statement

I dissolve all blocks to clearly visualizing the attainment
of my goals.

Image of a person visualising for the statement

I visualize the achievement
of my goals daily.

  • I recognize the barriers to achieving my goals and I move around them, over them and through them.

  • I let go of a life without goals and replace it with a destiny of success and grand achievement.

  • I'm firmly on the path of achievement and success.

  • Everything is working out for me now.

  • I set and achieve challenging and worthwhile goals.

  • I easily reach my goals on time.

  • I accomplish everything I set out to do.

  • My goals fit perfectly with all areas of my life.

  • I enjoy the challenge of a meaningful, worthwhile goal.

  • I easily stay focused on my objectives despite interruptions and distractions.

  • I plan my work and I work my plan.

  • Each of my goals is assigned a date that I expect to achieve it.

  • I have the power to achieve any goal I desire.

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