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Here you will find various articles on self development; articles on topics that cannot be classified as belonging to affirmations, creative visualization, hypnosis, etc. Check back frequently as new articles are added regularly.


10 Rules to Get RichWho doesn’t want to get rich? Less than 1% of the world’s population is rich, 0.7% to be exact. That is about 35 million people worldwide. What are the qualities that make some people rich? It is obvious that some regular habits are a must if one wants to be prosperous. Getting rich does not depend on destiny. It is free will, but this free will has to be harnessed by following certain rules.

Charity is Good: That charity is good has been known since ancient times. When you give, it clears away the blocks for receiving.

There’s a popular song from the 1966 Hindi film ‘Dus Lakh’ (One Million), which when translated into English, goes something like this:

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