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Here you will find various articles on self development; articles on topics that cannot be classified as belonging to affirmations, creative visualization, hypnosis, etc. Check back frequently as new articles are added regularly.


Ifs and Buts: The ‘ifs and buts’ that we employ in our life decide the outcome of our life.

If only my parents were rich, I would have been rich today.

Saying No and Surviving: Many times, saying No is a key to happiness. How many times in life has it happened that , had you said NO right in the beginning, then you would had been a happy, carefree person now, but instead are a worried and miserable person now because you said YES?

Charity is Good: That charity is good has been known since ancient times. When you give, it clears away the blocks for receiving.

There’s a popular song from the 1966 Hindi film ‘Dus Lakh’ (One Million), which when translated into English, goes something like this:

6 Tips for Getting Rich: Getting rich does not depend on destiny. It is free will, but this free will has to be harnessed by following certain rules. The following tips have been collected from a variety of sources. Following them will definitely put you on the path of richness.

4 Rules to Get RichWho doesn’t want to get rich? Less than 1% of the world’s population is rich, 0.7% to be exact. That is about 35 million people worldwide.

What are the qualities that make some people rich? It is obvious that some regular habits are a must if one wants to be prosperous.

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