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20 Pregnancy Affirmations
to Help You Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Welcome to Pregnancy Affirmations.

Pregnancy is often described as the happiest and very satisfying period in a woman’s life. However, for many women it is also accompanied by anxiety, fear, turmoil and such emotions, for a variety of reasons.

While some of these emotions may be due to their physical state, some are due to their mental makeup and mental makeup can always be influenced by positive thinking.

There are many ways of changing our thoughts, and affirmations is one of them. Repeating an affirmation over and over again helps to establish that thought in the mind. And once that thought is established in the mind, changes appropriate to that thought start taking place.

Repeating a pregnancy affirmation suitable to you will definitely help in calming and stabilizing the mind. You can select one or two or all of the pregnancy affirmations given below and repeat them over and over again.

It also helps to repeat the affirmations looking into your own eyes in a mirror.

Another way is to visualize the outcome while repeating the affirmation.

Here’s wishing all the expectant mothers a happy pregnancy and a smooth delivery.


Image for the statement

My body has accepted my pregnancy and I will give birth to a healthy baby.

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I am joyful and excited about my pregnancy and I am looking
forward to enjoy every bit
of this wonderful journey.

  • My pregnancy is on smoothly and this will result in an easy and smooth birth of my child.

  • I am cool, calm, happy, relaxed and expecting.

  • I take good care of myself so that my baby is well nourished, feels protected and grows well in my womb.

  • I am a strong woman, both mentally and physically. I am going through my pregnancy with courage and confidence.

  • I have made all round preparation for my child birth by educating myself thoroughly about pregnancy.

  • I inhale calmness and serenity and exhale tension and anxiety.

  • All is well with my pregnancy and the baby will take birth at the right time.

  • I love myself, approve of myself and give permission to myself to have a normal and timely delivery and deliver a healthy baby.

  • I release all worries, tensions and pains of pregnancy and concentrate only on the joys of pregnancy and of having a child.

  • The child in my womb is loved by me, its father and the entire family. Thus, it feels wanted and protected and grows healthy.

  • I understand and cherish that pregnancy and the consequent child birth is the most precious gift that a woman can have.

  • I am blessed and privileged to be pregnant. Pregnancy is a source of happiness for me.

  • I am a positive thinker. I allow only positive thoughts about my pregnancy and about my child.

  • I am relaxed, focused, calm and happy. This affects my baby positively and helps in a comfortable delivery.

  • I look positively at the future. The new member in my life in the form of my child makes living a fulfilling experience.

  • During pregnancy I have become more beautiful and more radiant. This is because I take good care of my baby and myself.

  • My baby is beautiful, healthy and strong. It will be born at the right time by a smooth delivery.

  • I am eagerly awaiting my motherhood. I am full of gratitude for the chance of becoming a mother.

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