30 Positive Affirmations For A Better Life

Welcome to Positive Affirmations. We have seen that affirmations have to be positive. Our subconscious mind, which has no sense of reason or humor, is like a one way street where only one direction is possible.

It is positive minded, hence only positive statements seem to work. If a negative word is used in affirmations, it does not seem to have any effect. It is as if the subconscious mind cannot "see" the negative word. Thus, if the affirmation is "I am not poor", it is registered as "I am poor".

Actually, what happens is that in the statement "I am not poor" the focus is on the term "poor". Whatever we focus on, grows. Hence, "I am not poor" registers as "poor" and the subconscious mind does everything in its capacity to remain poor or attract poverty.

Therefore, it is better to say positive affirmations. "I am not poor" should be changed to "I am rich".

The wording of the affirmations should also be done carefully. If you are tired of the house in which you are living, then saying I hate this house may not get you a new house.

Even if you do manage to get a new house, very soon you will start hating the new house too because that's what you have been affirming!

If you want a new house, one of the positive affirmations will be I am now living in a beautiful, large, luxurious house which satisfies all my needs.

Affirmations are nothing but self talk. It's better not to talk about the negatives in our life. Talking will simply anchor them deeper.

The same goes for the blame game that most of us like to play. We ourselves are responsible for all the wrong things in our life. As long as we refuse to accept responsibility for the same, we cannot change. Positive affirmations is the way to change our thinking.

Make a conscious effort and reword your affirmations. Some examples are given below. Use them and change your negative affirmations into positive.

Positive Affirmations

Positive inspiration for self respect.

I do not hate myself


I love and respect myself as I am.

Positive inspiration for prosperity.

I am not poor


I am rich and I always attract money.

Positive inspiration for abundance with money.

I am never broke


The Universe provides me with enough money to satisfy all my needs.

Positive inspiration for money.

I rarely have enough money


Money flows into my life abundantly.

Positive inspiration for self importance.

I am not a nobody


In my world,
I am the most important person.

Positive inspiration for happiness.

I am not unhappy and miserable


I am happy and radiate happiness.

Positive inspiration for self expression.

I do not hate people


I love meeting and interacting
with people.

Positive inspiration for love.

Nobody loves/likes me


I radiate and attract love.

Image for the statement "I am strong and healthy."

I am neither weak nor ill


I am strong and healthy.

Image for the statement "I am health conscious and love exercising."

I don’t hate exercise


I am health conscious and love exercising.

  • I am not lazy BECOMES

    • I am energetic and love completing my work in time.

  • I am not afraid to speak in front of a group of people BECOMES

    • I love speaking and whenever there is a group, words come out of my mouth spontaneously.

  • Life is neither useless nor boring BECOMES

    • Life is full of fun and happiness and I enjoy it to the fullest.

  • I don’t hate studies BECOMES

    • I love gathering knowledge and studying comes to me naturally.

  • I can’t relate to anybody BECOMES

    • I am proactive and make friends easily.

  • People are not untrustworthy BECOMES

    • I am a trustworthy person and that trust is reflected in the people who come into my life.

  • Nobody is better than me BECOMES

    • I am unique and as good as or better than the rest.

  • I am neither fat nor ugly BECOMES

    • I love my body, take good care of it and radiate beauty.

  • I am not stuck in a lousy job BECOMES

    • I love my wonderful job which has immense opportunities for promotion and betterment.

  • Studying and doing homework is not a torture BECOMES

    • I study and comprehend fast and easily. Doing homework is fun and pleasure.

  • I hope XYZ suffers ten times more than the suffering s/he has inflicted on me BECOMES

    • I forgive XYZ from the bottom of my heart and pray for her/his betterment.

  • I do not allow anyone to dominate me BECOMES

    • I transcend dominance of any kind and treat everyone equally.

  • I don't like to do drugs BECOMES

    • I overcome the attraction of drugs and stay away from them.

  • I don't like tensions BECOMES

    • I dissolve tensions of any kind and live life freely.

  • I never fall ill BECOMES

    • I am healthy and disease free and overcome illnesses, if any, easily.