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20 Affirmations For Women
to Empower Women

Empowerment of women is one of today’s hot topics. Affirmations for Women is one way of empowering the woman of today. These affirmations will help strengthen the inner woman in you.

What is a woman? She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend; she is everything that one can think of. She is a home maker, someone’s heroine, a boss, an employee.

She is one of the two wheels of the universe, without which the society, our civilization, in fact the whole world will cease to exist.

It is not without reason that a wife is referred to as 'the better half'. It is the mother who generates life.

Affirmations for women emphasizes all the above roles played by women. Take a close look at what you would like to emphasize. Select an affirmation for women and repeat it.

If you don’t find a suitable one, you can prepare your own one modeled on the affirmations given below.

Affirmations For Women

Self talk for a woman.

I am proud and happy to be a woman.

Self talk for beauty, health, prosperity and happiness.

I am beautiful, healthy, prosperous and happy.

Self talk for self acceptance.

I love myself and I accept myself
as I am.

Self talk for well deserved respect and appreciation.

I am well respected and appreciated and deservedly so.

Self talk for being feminine, graceful and beautiful.

I am naturally feminine, graceful and beautiful.

Self talk for being assertive as well as considerate about others.

I am assertive and at the same time, considerate about others.

Self talk for being a loving person, giving and receiving love unconditionally.

I am a loving person. I give out love and I receive love unconditionally.

Self talk for having a womanly presence, a caring attitude and a loving personality.

I am womanly in my presence,
caring in my attitude and loving
in my personality.

Affirmation for Wife/Mother

Self-talk for being a successful homemaker, a loving wife, and a doting mother.

I am a successful home maker,
a loving wife and a doting mother.

Career Affirmation for Women

Self-talk for being a serious, hard-working career woman.

I am a serious career woman and
I work hard to further my career.

Affirmation for All Round Woman

Image for Women Affirmation

I am a woman of substance. I take interest in everything. I take great care to develop my personality.

Affirmation for Wife

Image for the statement

I am the better half. I am better at everything I do.

Healing Affirmation for Women

Image for the statement

I am a woman of love.
My touch heals all wounds.

Affirmation for Motherhood

Image of mother and child for the statement

I adore motherhood. I am an ideal mother and my children love me.

  • I am a loving and caring wife. My partner is my soul mate. We complement each other.
    [Affirmation for Wife]

  • I am a model daughter. I love and respect my parents and discharge faithfully my duties toward them.
    [Affirmation for Daughter]

  • I am a loving and nurturing sister. I care for and dote on my brother.
    [Affirmation for Sister]

  • I am the best friend that anyone can have. For me, friendship is the ultimate relationship.
    [Affirmation for Friendship]

  • I am a sympathetic yet assertive and demanding boss and treat my employees equitably. I get the best out of each employee.
    [Affirmation for Office Boss]

  • I am a productive employee. I take my job seriously and always give my best.
    [Affirmation for Employee]

Weight Gain for Women

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