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24 Financial Affirmations to
Help Built Your Finances.

Financial affirmations are a straight forward way of kindling your financial consciousness. Read them regularly in the prescribed way over a period of time to succeed financially

Financial affairs refers not just to the wealth you possess or the abundance you desire. It mainly deals with how you manage your money, the steps you take to increase it and how you plan your financial future.

Thus, earning money (by doing a job or a business) is one thing and managing expenses, saving and investing is another. And investing in such a way that your investments earn you more money. There should come a time in your life when you should stop working for money and money should start working for you.

I would suggest that you read all the financial affirmations given below together at least thrice, two times a day; once in the morning after getting up and once at night before going to sleep. 

Financial Affirmations

Self talk for saving and investing for financial success.

Save, invest and reinvest is my mantra for financial success.

Self talk for saving money every month.

I always save ____ (10%/20%/25%/1/3rd/1/2) of my monthly income.

Self talk for regulating personal finances.

My finances are always in order.
I am always in control of my spending.

Self talk for investing wisely using brains instead of emotions.

I invest wisely. In these matters
I listen to my head instead of
the heart.

Self-talk for having financial advisers and planning finances.

I have financial advisers and always plan my finances.

Self-talk for diversifying investments.

My investments are diversified.
I refuse to keep all my eggs in one basket.

Self-talk for having a healthy relationship with money and treating it with respect.

I have a very healthy relationship
with money. I treat money
with respect and handle it
with confidence.

Self-talk for always making a profit in the share market.

The prices of the shares in which
I have invested are always growing.
I always make a profit in the
share market.

Image for the statement

I always plan my expenses.
I avoid impromptu spending.

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I always manage to find the right stocks to invest in. My stocks always rise in value.

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Whatever I invest in, increases in value. For me, the stock market
is always booming.

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Whenever I invest in real estate,
the prices of houses increase.
Buying low and selling high
gives me a neat profit.

  • I transcend the stock market. I release all fears concerning the prices of my shares. For me, the economy is always booming.

  • Business is second nature to me. I am always looking out for and spotting opportunities that increase my financial worth.

  • I am divinely guided in investments. I believe that God accumulates and distributes His wealth through me.

  • My investments are always long term. That way I avoid the ups and downs of the stock market.

  • I bless my investments and encourage them to grow. I thank them for bringing stability into my life.

  • I am completely financially free as all my actions result in financial abundance.

  • I regularly attract opportunities for successful financial transactions which result in financial abundance for me.

  • I dissolve all blocks to financial success. Money always flows to me.

  • All activities in my life are finance positive. I always make more money than what I invest in any activity.

  • All money that I invest comes back to me multiplied several times over. I am considered a financial genius by all.

  • Financial abundance rushes to me in waves of avalanches and I make good use of my prosperity to better the world.

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