My Site Build It Review.

I am writing my Site Build It review with the sole purpose of informing newbies about this fantastic online business building product.

Note: Site Build It! changed its name to Solo Build It! in 2017. However, as I have been using the original name for the last 12 years, I'll call this as Site Build It! review instead of Solo Build It review.

I think it was about 12 years ago that I read an article by Alan Gardyne recommending Site Build It! for building a website. I was curious about building a website as I was already giving lectures on self-development and wanted to reach a wider audience. However, my main problem was that, being born in 1957, I did not belong to the ‘computer generation’, hence was ignorant of html.

Following Gardyne’s Site Build It review, I decided to investigate further. From their sales page I was taken to their results page. This page showcased a huge number of sites built using their proprietary Block Builder technology, and which were among the top 3% of the websites in the world. It was indeed impressive and I am proud to say that today, my website, built using the same technology, is now among the top 0.5% of the websites in the world.

Results, Anybody?

That gets me thinking – how many site building companies have a ‘Results Page’ documenting the success of their site building process? Wealthy Affiliates, Wix? Or any other? Almost NONE!

When I joined Site Build It!, I only had my topic in mind – self development. Not only did I not know html, but I also had no idea about how to write content, absolutely no idea about search engines and the necessity of getting your site pages rank well in the search engines results, keywords and their importance (in those days, as well as today, keywords were and are focusing device for the page) and so many other things.

Treasure Trove of Information

The biggest thing that helped me was Site Build It!’s Action Guide (AG). AG was like a key to a treasure trove to me. For an absolute newbie like me, not just learning the why and how of building a website, but also learning the process of building an online business, earning money from the website in a passive way, was a stunning revelation.

Another reason for this Site Build It review is to highlight the fantastic learning process that one goes through that helps one in building a successful, satisfying, high traffic, money making website.

The AG is spread over a period of ’10 days’. But right at the beginning there is a warning that the AG is not meant to be completed in 10 days. It’s more like 10 chapters, with each chapter taking 4-5 days. It took me about two months to complete it because I went through it at my own pace. (For those who are bored of reading, now there is also a video edition of the AG) And was I glad to do that. It showed me what an ignoramus I was in the area of building a website and monetizing it.

Finally, when I started building my website, I had a clear idea of the structure my site was going to have, the keywords that I was going to employ in building the pages and the monetisation model that I would be following after I reached a critical number of visitors. Site Build It! has a keyword research tool that gives you literally hundreds of keywords on which you can base your pages. It also teaches you how to write the pages so that they rank well in the search engines’ result pages.

Another great resource is the forums at Site Build It! The forum members are unbelievably helpful. I have benefited immensely from the combined knowledge of these thousands of forum members, many of whom are experts in various aspects of site building.

Earning from the Website

Four years ago I became a member of CRS – Compulsory Retirement Scheme – because of health issues. Never had I dreamt in my wildest dreams that a hobby site would support me financially, even if partly. Living and supporting the family only by my savings would have been a great strain, which my site has helped me avoid.

If my Site Build It review contains only glowing words, I cannot help it. Looking back, I cannot avoid feeling extremely thankful to the Company and the people behind it, especially Dr. Ken Evoy, for the immense interest he takes and the help he provides to all site builders. No problem is left unattended, whether big or small. Whether you are a newbie like me or you know how to build a site, Site Build It! will also help you to make a business out of your site. Try it, you won’t regret it.

Fake Reviews

One more reason for my Site Build It review is to caution website newbies about fake reviews that are currently appearing, sponsored by a company called Wealthy Affiliates. Their modus operandi is to first say some small good thing about Site Build It! and then say that Wealthy Affiliates is much better. Or, outright criticize Site Build It! for some of its features and promote Wealthy Affiliates in its place.

The irony of it is that Site Build It! has a stunning Results Page  showcasing about 500 sites in the top 0.5% of sites on the internet (out of the 170 million sites), while Wealthy Affiliates has NO VERIFIABLE PROOF of the success of its sites.

As compared to Wealthy Affiliates, Site Built It! gives you 33X higher chance of high traffic success. You can see this and such other comparisons in a study performed by Site Built It!. Click here to see the entire study.

Genuine Site Build It Review

This is a genuine Site Build It review. I am the owner of this site and this site is in existence since 2005, unlike some Wealthy Affiliate sponsored people who write fake Site Built It reviews without ever having used it.

Prasanna Vishwasrao, site owner.I built this site entirely with Site Build It!
~ Prasanna Vishwasrao.

You can check out Site Build It! success stories and see how real people have built their online businesses and gained the freedom to live life on their own terms.

I understand that building a website is not for everyone. However, if you are ready to do some smart work, feel passionately about some topic and won’t mind some extra income down the line, then you must give SBI! a try. SBI! offers a 90 day guarantee to test out the system. You get full access to all the tools. If you realize that it’s not for you within the first 90 days, they’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

So go ahead and give it a try. As I have said it earlier, you won't regret it.

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