20 Parent Affirmations
to Help You Become a Better Parent

Welcome to Parent Affirmations.

It is said that giving birth to a child is easy but being a parent is not. The first one is a biological accomplishment while the second one is much more. It requires dedication, love, a very long commitment, patience, perseverance and all other qualities that you can think of.

Every parent has the best child in the world and every child has the best parent in the world. But, in order to become the best parent there are certain functions that the parent has to perform.

We know that our thoughts shape our life. A very small child may not be having own thoughts. But the thoughts of the parent influence the child and shape its destiny. So, having good, progressive thoughts is essential. That is where parent affirmations will help you.

A parent, either single or double, is CEO of the family. The buck cannot be passed any further. S/He is responsible for the growth of a real human being. And growth here does not mean just physical growth. Mental growth, the development of personality, manners and etiquettes, virtues, scholarship, social development and many more things are included.

Please don't consider parenthood as a burden. No burden can be enjoyable. Treat it as a game and play the game fairly. Remember, your "toy" in this game is a live entity. It is an interactive "toy".It is a "toy" that copies your actions, your attitudes, even your language. Use parent affirmations to keep your actions, attitudes and language worth imitating.

During parenthood, it is often necessary to remind us of our various functions. The following parent affirmations will serve the purpose.

Select whichever you feel necessary, repeat them about a hundred times daily, preferably in front of a mirror, as long as you are a parent! Combine two or more affirmations or write some of your own.

Happy Parenting!!

Parent Affirmations

Self talk for loving and respecting your children.

I love and respect my child as much as I love and respect myself.

Self talk for paying attention to your children and responding to them.

I always pay attention to what
my child says and give an
appropriate response.

Self talk for making your child the dearest thing in your life.

My child is the apple of my eye
and we complement each
other perfectly.

Self talk for caring the child and keeping it happy.

I take care of all the needs of my
child and see to it that he/she is
always happy.

A Happy Family.Good Parenting =Happy Family
Self talk for inculcating discipline and virtues in children.

I inculcate discipline and virtues
in my child in a loving way.

Self talk for understanding the separate individuality of the child.

I understand that my child is a separate individual and I give him/her enough space for his/her individuality.

Self talk for taking an active interest in the studies of the child.

I take an active interest in the studies of my child and help and guide him/her whenever possible.

Image of playing children for the statement "I strive for the all round development of my child and encourage any talent that s/he has."

I strive for the all round
development of my child and
encourage any talent that s/he has.

Image of a wide-eyed child for the statement "I try to see the world through the eyes of my child and participate in his sense of wonder and joy."

I try to see the world through the eyes of my child and participate
in his sense of wonder and joy.

  • My major goal in life is to be the best parent that I can possibly be and all my activities are centered around this goal.

  • I hug my children daily and demonstrate my love in other ways as well.

  • I understand that children constantly need motivation and I try to be their main source of motivation and inspiration.

  • I know what is correct for my child and act accordingly. I never compromise my child’s interest.

  • I love my role as a parent. This is the best job that I can have.

  • I keep myself healthy and happy. This helps me in keeping my child healthy and happy.

  • I take care to see that my children are free of illness and disease. Their personal hygiene and healthcare are my priorities.

  • Our home is the abode of peace. All issues are solved with understanding and discussions.

  • I give my children small chores which they can do easily. It helps increase their self esteem.

  • I inculcate discipline in my children from a very early age as I believe discipline is essential for a great life.

  • My children and I respect each other. We give each other space so we all can grow unhindered.

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