30 Affirmations for Job

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In today’s world, a job is as essential for living as food, clothes and shelter. Not everyone is capable of doing a business. But almost anyone can do a job. But not everyone has a job.

Many people have a job. But a dream job is something else. You will find that there are many candidates vying for a particular job or jobs. But only one person or a few persons are able to land it.

Many times the candidates have similar educational qualifications and/or experience. Then what is it that enables one person to bag the job to the exclusion of others?

The answer lies in the mental makeup of the candidates. The successful candidate is ‘tuned in’ for the job while the others are not. He is mentally ready for the job. He has already seen himself in the job. He has already accepted the job. There is no doubt in his mind that he is going to get the job.

He thus sends positive vibes to the selection committee and gets selected.

The question is, how does one get in that kind of mood? 

One way is to affirm that you are the right candidate for the job and to visualize yourself in the job. It also helps if you speak and think as if you are already in the job. The following affirmations for job will help you to tune your mind for your dream job.

Select one or two or more affirmations and repeat numerous times till you are saturated with them. Once your mind is full of them, you will find that your dream job is not far away. Remember, regularity and consistency is the key.

Affirmations for Job

Self talk for interview image: I am preparing for my job test
and interview on a daily basis.
I am fully confident of acing both.

I am preparing for my job test
and interview on a daily basis.
I am fully confident of acing both.

Self talk for office image: I have a satisfying job which pays me well. I have good working conditions and cooperative colleagues.

I have a satisfying job which pays me well. I have good working conditions and cooperative colleagues.

  • I am open to new opportunities to find a dream job. Opportunities manifest themselves regularly in my life.

  • Every day in every way I am getting nearer and nearer my dream job.

  • Every career move/switch that I make turns out to be more and more beneficial. I always jump upwards.

  • I am a job magnet. I am always attracting better and better jobs.

  • My job is extremely satisfying for two reasons: the work is enjoyable and I am paid to do this enjoyable work.

  • I dissolve all blocks to attracting a great job. Good jobs simply manifest before me.

  • I deserve to work in a job that I enjoy. Such a satisfying job is simply waiting for me.

  • I always attract a great boss and cooperative colleagues. Work if fun.

  • I easily connect with my employers, which is why I always have job offers.

  • I thrive in challenging environments, which is why I always attract challenging jobs.

  • I am excited about my new job. It is well paying, challenging and highly satisfying.

  • I am committed, motivated and productive; which is why I always get the jobs I want.

  • I release all limiting beliefs about securing a dream job. Jobs flow to me.

  • I overcome all difficulties about getting a job. I regularly get good job offers.

  • I am working at an amazing company. Great pay, great bosses, great colleagues and great job satisfaction.

  • God/Infinite Intelligence helps me manifest a new job whenever I need one. I am always guided.

  • There are plenty of jobs available to me. I attract jobs the way a flower attracts bees.

  • I find a new job easily whenever I need one. Jobs fall into my lap just like that.

  • I am excited to be working at my dream job. This new job is exactly the job I had visualized for myself.

  • In my new job, I try to learn and grow as an employee. I am excited to be vying for promotions.

  • I love my job. I bless my job. My job responds with happiness and satisfaction. I am at peace.

  • In my job situation I find only infinite joy, infinite happiness and infinite harmony.

  • My job allows me to express my creativity and capability. I am thankful for this opportunity.

  • I am at a job where my colleagues and I support and encourage each other’s growth and success.

  • My anticipation of a good job attracts for me a marvelous job. For me, jobs are aplenty.

  • In my job I am creating my career path. I intend to have a long, successful and fulfilling journey.

  • Infinite intelligence supports me. Whatever I need, a job or otherwise, is always available easily.

  • The dream job that I am looking for is also looking for me. We are destined to meet very soon.

End of Affirmations for Job.

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