30 Law of Attraction Affirmations
to Attract Your Desired Life

Actually, any kind of affirmations are Law of Attraction Affirmations as they attract what you want if repeated faithfully sufficient number of times.

Law of Attraction simply states that whatever you think about constantly and passionately comes to pass in your life. Whether it is good things you think about or bad things makes no difference.

This constant thinking about can be done either in images (creative visualization and hypnosis) or in words (affirmations). However, what is important is the regularity and passion of the process.

When you fill your mind with a particular thought for a length of time, the Universe conspires to bring that thought to fruition. Just as a magnet attracts iron objects, a mind full of concentrated thought attracts the corresponding circumstances.

It also helps if you have in your mind a picture of your exact desire.  Then, repeat the Law of Attraction Affirmations throughout the day, for a number of days and see your dream turn into reality.

Law of Attraction Affirmations

Image for the statement

I believe in ‘health is wealth’. Hence
I attract health as well as wealth.

Image of magnet attracting money and happiness for the statement

I am a magnet for money and happiness. Both are attracted to me.

Image for the statement

In my mind’s eye, I see a new
and vibrant life for me and
attract that life for me.

Image for the statement

I attract the life of my desires.
I take whatever action necessary
for the same.

  • I am constantly and unwaveringly thinking about my goals and thereby attracting them.

  • I know exactly what I want and constantly remind myself about my goals.

  • I am attracting prosperity now in expected and unexpected ways.

  • I am confident of my ability to create the life of my desire and am constantly at it.

  • My gut feeling and the inner guidance that I receive help me inch towards my goal.

  • I always radiate thoughts about my dreams and that helps me attract people and events necessary to achieve them.

  • I am attracting all the abundance I desire, fulfilling all my wishes.

  • My dreams correspond to my beliefs and my life corresponds to my dreams.

  • I understand that giving is as important as receiving and I constantly strive to contribute as much as I can.

  • I understand that I and only I am responsible for the quality of my life.

  • My constant thoughts and subsequent actions create my life experiences.

  • I have developed the habit of feeling good under any circumstances as this helps me in seeing life in a different perspective.

  • I deserve success, prosperity and happiness and I attract them all.

  • I attract positive circumstances and positive people into my life.

  • I constantly think about the thing that I want to attract and this constant thinking attracts the desired thing into my life.

  • I weigh ________ pounds/kgs. (Put in your desired weight)

  • I am a skilled communicator and I convey my ideas easily. That helps me attract the desired people in my life.

  • I always think about the other person first. Hence, my relationships are safe and secure.

  • My food and physical activity is such that I attract the best of health.

  • Whenever I breathe, I inhale health and exhale misery. I attract a wonderful life.

  • I am a magnet to happiness. I only attract cheerful and happy people in my life.

  • My positive attitude always attracts success in whatever endeavour I undertake.

  • I understand that my constant thoughts today determines my future. Hence I am careful about the kind of thoughts that I entertain.

  • I am creating the exact life that I want by regularly practicing the thoughts, emotions and actions necessary for the same.

  • My constant awareness of my thoughts and emotions enables me to choose the kind of life that I want to have. I thus control my life.

  • I love everyone and am kind to everyone. I thus attract peace and calm in my life.

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