32 Daily Affirmations For Your Daily Good

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The following story, of two boys - one smart and one smart aleck - illustrates the importance of doing affirmations on a regular basis.

Both boys wanted to be body builders. Their coach advised them to exercise one hour daily, five days a week, for one year.

The first boy started immediately and exercised one hour (sometimes more) daily, as advised. The second boy, a smart aleck, did some calculations. One hour daily means five hours weekly. Fifty two weeks in a year. That makes it 52x5=260 hours. And 260 divided by 8 gives 32.5. So this smart aleck figures that instead of exercising one hour daily for the whole year, if he exercises 8 hours daily (four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening) for the last 33 days, he can acquire a physique equivalent to that of the first guy. Do you think this is possible?

The same goes for daily affirmations. The word ‘daily’ is important. Only when you train your mind ‘daily’ to think in a certain way for a certain period of time, that the mind adopts that way of thinking as its own. It is then that the mind starts changing your behavior to match your new thinking. And now, positive changes start taking place in your life.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that as human beings, we are not infallible. It is a fact that we will miss out on some days. What is important is that we start doing our affirmations with renewed vigor from the next day. Simply because we have missed our daily affirmation one or two or three days does not mean that we have to stop. Restarting is the key to success.

When a toddler learns to walk, it falls down again and again. But does it stop trying? No, it keeps on trying and voila, one day it walks without falling. That should be our attitude while doing our daily affirmations.

The following is a list of affirmations which you can use daily to your benefit.

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmation for living in the present.

I let go of all past baggage and concentrate only on the present.

Self-talk for being healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Self-talk for relying only on self-approval.

I release the need to get the approval of all and sundry and am contented in getting only my own approval.

Self-talk for expressing thankfulness for everything received in life.

I am grateful for everything that
I have received in my life as well as for everything that I will be receiving in the future.

Self-talk for giving a hundred percent in any activity that I undertake and succeed in it.

I always give my best in any activity that I undertake and therefore I am successful.

Self-talk for daily improvement of life.

Every day my life improves in every way.

Self-talk for the Universe fulfilling my every wish.

All the forces in the Universe combine to fulfill my every wish.

Self-talk for the Universal spirit guiding and protecting me.

The Universal spirit guides and protects me at every step in my life.

Self-talk that each breath fills my body with strength and power.

Each breath that I inhale fills my body with strength and power.

Self-talk for attaining success in any activity I undertake.

Success is my second nature and I envision and obtain success in any activity that I undertake.

Image for the statement "I control my thoughts and create the reality that I want to."

I control my thoughts and create the reality that I want to.

Image for the statement "I am rich, successful, healthy and happy."

I am rich, successful, healthy and happy.

Image for the statement "I take complete responsibility for everything in my life and therefore I am in a position to lead the life that I want to."

I take complete responsibility for everything in my life and therefore
I am in a position to lead the life
that I want to.

Image for the statement "My life is full of joy and happiness and I radiate joy and happiness."

My life is full of joy and happiness and I radiate joy and happiness.

  • The Universe and I are one.

  • I deserve and get goodness from the world and in turn I give goodness back to the world.

  • The more I give away anything, the more of that thing I get.

  • I understand that the Universe is limitless and I am open to receive all that is offered to me.

  • I am a loving and caring person and I am always surrounded with loving and caring people.

  • I love, respect and accept myself as I am.

  • There is enough for everybody in the world and I get what I need without affecting others.

  • I believe in and practice daily action on my plan for a better life.

  • Any and every action of mine creates prosperity. I am always prosperous.

  • I understand the principle of give and take. I love everybody and everybody loves me.

  • I forgive myself and set myself free. As a result, I can be all that I wish to be.

  • I am kind to myself and love myself unconditionally. I am the best version of myself.

  • I transcend all health issues. I am always healthy.

  • I choose to be happy and deserve to be happy. I am happy by default.

  • I am always brimming with energy and am full of vitality. I enjoy life.

  • I always think positively. I am the one who always finds the silver lining in every black cloud.

  • I always make the right decision. And once I decide, I act on the decision.

  • I let go of the past, live in the present and welcome the future.

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