30 Positive Thinking Affirmations
To Change Your Life

Welcome to Positive Thinking Affirmations.

Our life is made up by our thoughts. Our thoughts result in our emotions, our emotions in our actions and our actions in our life. Also, people and circumstances corresponding to our thoughts and emotions are attracted in our life.

It is thus clear that if one wants to lead a good life, our thoughts have to be so. As thoughts are slippery things, controlling them can be difficult. That’s where positive thinking affirmations come into the picture.

Constantly repeating these affirmations fills our mind with positive thoughts. The key is repetition. Once the mind is saturated with positive thoughts, things will start happening.

Positive Thinking Affirmations

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I transcend negative thinking.
I only think positive.

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I am healthy of body, positive of thinking and tranquil of soul.

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I am always full of energy and positivity and overflowing with joy.

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I am fully involved with life, at the same time I practice detachment in every aspect of my life.

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I try and interact positively with everybody. I refuse to allow
negativity in my relations.

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I transcend anger and replace it with the positive emotion of love.

  • I am always positive towards my spouse. Hence my marriage is always stable and our love unending.

  • My positive approach to my business helps to expand and grow it at a good pace.

  • Always thinking positively enables me to succeed in any endeavor. I take the occasional failure in my stride and move on.

  • My positive creative thinking leads to the birth of new and brilliant ideas which help me to achieve my goals.

  • I am happy by choice. Positive thinking generates happiness internally and is not dependent on my external circumstances.

  • I am employed fruitfully and paid well for my time and work. I am always employed and my job gives me enough satisfaction.

  • I have a wonderful and loving family, great relations and incredible friends, all of which make life worth living.

  • I have a very positive sense of self-esteem which enables me to find my true worth in this world.

  • I am energetic, my stamina is inexhaustible and my work ethic is impeccable.

  • All my efforts are supported by the Universe. It is as if the Universe is conspiring to make me successful.

  • I am healthy and energetic. I know what I want and I have the power to create what I want.

  • I make positive choices which help me succeed.

  • I believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining. I focus on and find the good in everything.

  • I believe that there is a rainbow at the end of every dark tunnel. Everything happens for a reason and we can learn from everything.

  • I think positive thoughts and radiate positive energy and this results in a positive outcome in every activity.

  • Positive thoughts draw positive people towards me. People look up to me because of my positive attitude.

  • Every passing day my thoughts become more and more positive. That makes life better all the time.

  • Every day, moment by moment, my life becomes more and more positive.

  • For each situation that I encounter in life, I choose to see only the positive side.

  • My positive thoughts and emotions unfailingly attract abundance and prosperity into my life.

  • I easily transcend negative thoughts and emotions. Negative people do not affect me.

  • When I fall ill, if at all, I only think of healing and good health. Positive thinking makes me better, faster.

  • Whatever be the problem in life, I think only in terms of solution. This makes finding the solution easy.

  • Any problem between me and my spouse is taken care of by thinking positive and talking with each other.

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