Law of Cause and Effect

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Law of Cause and Effect is the Law of Laws.  Every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect.

In other words, this is the law of Give and Take. What you radiate is what you receive.

It is important to understand that your thoughts never remain only with you. Every human being always radiates even his innermost thoughts. And what you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, images and spoken words, on a consistent basis, you attract into your life and experiences.

Cause and Effect

This of course means that you attract whatever you give out and you cannot get something for nothing. This is the manifestation of the law of cause and effect.

Ignorance of this law results in poverty and misery. Only when you radiate do you attract. You have to first sow before you can reap. Only when you sow in terms of prosperity, can you reap in terms of prosperity.

A survey of chronically poor people has shown that these people only want hand outs. Either they don’t know or don’t want to sow before reaping. They were trying to get something for nothing, which of course is not possible and they remained perennially poor.

The first question that comes up is, “what can a poor person give?”

There is always something that a person can give, tangibly or intangibly. What you give is not measured in terms of its absolute value, but in terms of its relative value vis-à-vis what you possess.

Thus, a poor person donating 2 dollars when he has a total of 10 dollars on him is more precious than a rich person donating 1000 dollars when he has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank account.

Each one of us constantly uses the law of radiation and attraction, or law of cause and effect, whether we are aware of it or not.

However, if you wish to enjoy more prosperity and success in life, then you have to consciously and deliberately take charge of your thoughts and emotions and redirect them towards success and prosperity.

It is really up to you to choose and radiate outwardly your thoughts about what you really wish to experience in life.

Please understand that all things are created in the mind first. The mind is your divine power that accomplishes anything for you. This is because the mind is the connection between you and the divine which actually responds to your messages.

You Are What You Think

The fact is that what we really think deep within ourselves consistently, rather than the mask we put on, is what unconsciously attracts like results for us. This age old maxim is so true; we are where we are because we are what we are and we are what we are because of our habitual thinking.

Each one of us is a magnet. And as a magnet we can develop that expectant and prosperous state of mind that attracts all good things of the universe to us. Expecting and receiving is the same as cause and effect.

Of course, all this discourse does not mean that you just think consistently about what you want and sit tight and everything will fall into your lap. You also have to take consistent external actions to complement your thinking to get desired results.

It all means that if you work towards your goal without first forming the mental picture of the end result in your mind, then most probably the desired result may not come through. The ‘thought’ is the fuel that drives the vehicle of your action.

In the physical world, there is Newton’s Third Law in Physics which states that “Every action has equal and opposite reaction.” Similarly in the meta physical world is the law of cause and effect which states that whatever you radiate out in the form of thoughts and consequent actions will fructify in your life.

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