6 Tips for Getting Rich

Getting rich does not depend on destiny. It is free will, but this free will has to be harnessed by following certain rules. The following tips have been collected from a variety of sources. Following them will definitely put you on the path of richness.

6 Tips for Getting Rich

Tip No.1 - Get Expert Advice and Act On It

One cannot be a master in everything. However, there are experts available in every field. Don’t be shy to ask for expert advice. Most importantly, act on the advice. Many people get advice and then sleep on it. Don’t commit that mistake.

Tip No.2 - No Credit Cards, Only Cash Purchases

Controlling your expenses is important for getting rich. When you spend cash, you are limited to the amount in your pocket. Also, you spend only according to your plan.

Credit card spending is blind spending. Also, it is impromptu spending in which we tend to buy unnecessary things. Credit cards were invented as a convenience but today they have become a major contributor to unnecessary debt.

Do keep a credit card for emergency use, but use cash only for necessary shopping. (Or, use a credit card only after your net worth is more than $10 million)

Tip No.3 - Optimize Time: Cut Off/Cut Down TV Watching

All of us have only 24 hours a day. When any resource is limited, it is necessary to make maximum use of it. Time is one such resource.

You have to decide your priorities in life. If you like TV serials and movies, go after them. But then don’t expect to get rich. Watching TV is a hurdle to getting rich. To get rich, you have to fill your mind with something more constructive. And that constructive activity is …. reading.

Tip No.4 - Read …… for Self Improvement

All rich and successful people are constantly endeavoring to improve themselves. The best way to do this is by reading. Not novels and stories (though occasionally it will do), but books to improve the self.

Make reading not an option but a compulsion. Decide to read at least 30 minutes a day and increase this time slowly. Most rich and successful people read before going to sleep. The subconscious mind has the habit of dwelling on the last topic of the day before falling asleep. So, if you have been reading something constructive before sleeping, rest assured that it will get well digested and assimilated during your sleeping hours.

Many people make constructive use of their commute time by listening to audio books. You can also read self improvement audio books white exercising, jogging or before going to sleep.

Tip No.5 - Under Promise, Over Deliver

All rich and successful people follow the saying ‘Work is Worship’.

They work more and deliver more than what is expected of them. They generally will not promise what they cannot deliver and will almost always deliver more than promised. If necessary, they will work on Saturdays and also on Sundays (at least till they get rich).

Tip No.6 – Preserve Your Health

Rich and successful people invariably take care of their health because they know that every moment wasted in sickness means financial loss. In order to get rich and then to enjoy the money you have earned, you have to take care of your health.

Exercise regularly and watch your calories. Occasional indulgence in junk food is excusable.

Whether you do a job or have your own business, the last years are the most productive. So be healthy in these prime years and earn the most.

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