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High Self Esteem for a Fulfilling Life


High self esteem equips us better to cope with life’s adversities, makes us more resilient, more creative in our work, ambitious, optimistic, open to challenges and so on.

Being more resilient means we are more able to resist pressure to succumb to despair or defeat. When we become more creative in our work, we are more likely to be successful.

The more ambitious we tend to be, the more opportunities open up for us in every area of life. Higher self esteem also means better relationships. It also means that we don’t perceive others as threats, which enables us to give respect to others, be benevolent and help whoever needs help.

Simply put, high self esteem means feeling good about ourselves, having a very positive self image, a high sense of self worth, respecting one’s own self and accepting and loving oneself without any conditions.

New research also shows that high self-esteem means better health.

Advantages of High Self Esteem

It has been found that there is a direct relationship between people’s feelings about themselves and their productivity. People with positive self esteem are almost always successful in life, whatever be their line of activity.

The following list discusses some advantages of having a high self esteem.

  • High self-esteem makes people accept responsibility. As they are confident of their abilities, they don’t mind taking the responsibility for their deeds.

  • These are people with a strong conviction. They are sure of themselves and believe in whatever they do. Once they have taken a decision, they are unwavering in its implementation.

  • Such people are aware that the world is made up of other people also and that these people also have needs and expectations. Hence, they have a caring attitude about others and they are apt to lend a ear to others.

  • Positive self esteem breeds optimism. Such people are more likely to have an attitude of seeing a glass half full rather than half empty. Positive thinking is their mantra.

  • People with high self-esteem are internally driven. They don’t need external motivation. This makes them ambitious and ready for action. They will never be satisfied with what they have and will always try to achieve more.

  • They are always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges. They are ever ready for positive changes and are looking for new fields to test their abilities.

  • Such people have faith in their abilities and are always trying to improve themselves. Hence, they accept criticism positively. They are also able to give and take compliments without any embarrassment.

Thus, we see that positive self esteem is synonymous with confidence, generosity, ambition, optimism and success. If you look at successful people in any field, you will find that they have high self worth. As the saying goes, “Unless you value yourself, nobody else will”.

High and Low Self Esteem - A Comparison

  • Are humble
  • Are arrogant
  • Are confident
  • Lack confidence
  • Are assertive
  • Are aggressive
  • Talks about ideas
  • Talks about people (gossip)
  • Gives importance to character
  • Gives importance to reputation
  • Caring attitude
  • Attitude of criticism
  • Ambitious
  • Self satisfied
  • Courage of conviction
  • Follows the majority
  • Respects authority
  • Rebels against authority
  • Self motivated
  • Externally motivated
  • Generous
  • Stingy and calculating
  • Ready to accept responsibility
  • Always blames others
  • Decent behaviour
  • Likes vulgarity
  • Optimist (glass half full)
  • Pessimist (glass half empty)
  • Enjoys solitude
  • Suffers loneliness
  • Ready to discuss
  • Ready to argue
  • Evaluates self worth
  • Evaluates net worth
  • Practices self discipline
  • Has distorted sense of freedom
  • High self-esteem is necessary for success. It is also essential for peace of mind and happiness. Not just material gains but advances in spirituality are also facilitated by high self esteem.

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