How To Visualize

Before achieving success, you have to first 'see' it.

Knowing how to visualize is important. Here you will learn some visualization techniques that will help you visualize better and manifest your desires.

When done properly, visualization helps you attain almost any goal.

Almost all successful people, including sportspersons use visualization to achieve their goals. Some do it knowingly, some unknowingly.

First, find a quiet place – where you won't be disturbed. We don't want a break when we are talking to our subconscious. You can visualize -

  • First thing in the morning, while still in bed. You can go to the bathroom, relieve yourself and come back and visualize.
  • When riding the bus or the subway.
  • Waiting your turn at the supermarket or anywhere else.
  • Sitting on the coach, instead of watching T.V.
  • When waiting for someone.
  • Last thing at night before falling asleep.

In learning how to visualize, see that you are wearing light clothes. Loosen your belt or tie.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Keep your spine straight and hands loose. Don't cross the legs. All this allows for easy blood circulation and helps relax the muscles. If you feel sleepy when you lie down, then choose to sit in a comfortable chair.

Close your eyes. Don't use any force on your eyelids. Let it be natural.

Sometimes your eyes will open up on their own. Close them again. This may go on till you are really focussed. Then, your eyes will remain shut.

Breath normally, you don't have to breathe deep on purpose. Focus on your breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale ......... This focussing on the breath is just a form of meditation. It helps to drive away all thoughts from the mind. When the mind becomes thoughtless, as advised by Eastern philosophies, it is known as static meditation. This comes in spiritual realm. It helps one to reach the state of “samadhi” (supreme thoughtless state leading to ultimate peace and happiness).

Visualization: daydreaming with a purpose. - Pen

However, we are interested in material manifestations. Hence, we turn to dynamic meditation as opposed to static meditation. When we focus on the breath and the mind becomes thoughtless, we introduce a single purposeful thought in the mind, your visualization. When the mind thus concentrates on that single thought, it brings to bear its entire energy on that single thought, slowly manifesting it into reality.

Now comes the crux of this lesson of how to visualize. When you sense that both the body and mind are relaxed, start creating the desired images in your mind. Be sure to include yourself in these images. The subconscious has got to know that this goal is meant for you and nobody else.

It is like acting a part in a play or a drama. You are a part of the whole picture. When you are enacting the play in your mind, look at the play from this inside prospective. Experience it with all your senses. Look at the picture, hear the sound, smell the aromas, touch things and/or people, talk.

One cannot learn how to visualize without using emotions. Just as you cannot live life without emotions, do not visualize without emotions. Act in your mind's play as if it is a true incident happening now in your life, and involve all your emotions into it. Feel the same excitement and happiness of success that you feel when you actually achieve the goal.

Emotions are very important in visualization. They are like the flash light of a camera that illuminates the picture you are photographing. Your subconscious mind is like the film in the camera on which the picture is printed.

After you have visualized with all details as explained above, release the picture in your mind. The whole process, first relaxing and then visualizing, should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

How many times a day should one visualize? I have found by experience that thrice is optimum. Of course if you visualize more times it will do you no harm. But at least thrice a day, in the morning when you get up, then preferably sometimes in the afternoon and finally at night, just before going to sleep.

The last step in how to visualize is equally important. This step is allowing success to come into your life. Many a times we fail to be successful because when success comes to our doorstep, we simply keep our doors closed.

Hence, it is always better to repeat a certain affirmation towards the end of the visualization. Say to yourself: “I deserve to succeed” or “I receive this success with joy and happiness.” Allowing yourself to succeed is like picking up your developed photographs from the developer. If you don't, all the work in clicking the photograph and getting it developed is wasted. Similarly, if you don't allow yourself to succeed, all the visualization comes to nought.

Hope this article has taught you how to visualize.

Release the power of your mind to fulfil your life. Use these visualization techniques to make your thoughts count!

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