How My Worries Became My Strengths

by Angie Pollon
(Kelowna, BC, Canada)

I am a 51-year-old mother of five beautiful children, ages ranging from 13 to 29, 4 boys 1 girl, only two still at home.

I separated from my 3rd husband over a year ago, and of course since he was the bread winner I became so frightened and feeling helpless, how in the world at my age am I going to be able to get a good enough job/career to support myself as well as my two boys still at home?

I will back up a bit and share with you how my 3rd husband had made it his sole goal to financially ruin me, as when we first met I had received a rather large amount of money and had plans to invest a lot of it, and buy a home. Well, we certainly did buy a home, an expensive one, with MY MONEY!! He did of course make the odd mortgage payment, but in the end once he knew he had spent all my money, is when he became a control freak, never giving me any pocket money, even chose not to pay me a wage when I managed the office for his company.

In the end we split up and I filed for divorce, which really made him angry...How dare I? I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and enrolled in college to study Medical Office Administration, and I am so thankful I did. I am on the honour roll and will be graduating this April 2015, and have many job opportunities to embark upon.

I have grown to respect myself greatly and from doing so I have noticed not only my kids but others showing me a lot of respect and they praise me for what I have accomplished thus far, and I am determined to keep achieving my dreams and goals. I will never again allow anyone to make me feel worthless, as I am worth a hell of a lot, and I am damned intelligent too!!!....So for those of you feeling that you`re not in a good place in life, get off your pity pot and hold your head up high and know just how damn good you truly are!!!

Best of Luck in your successful futures!!

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Mar 02, 2015
Pity potty stop already
by: Monica James

Thank you for sharing your story.

Feb 01, 2015
True Grit
by: Prasanna

Angie, yours is a story of true grit and seeing and achieving dreams. We wish you All the Best for a successful, fulfilling and happy future.

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