Step towards Professional Life

by Zuhair
(New York)

After I did my graduation I was looking for some good opportunity. I was quite confused what should I do with my life so I attended so many career oriented seminars to get the maximum knowledge of what should I do? What action do I have to take to achieve my goals? So very soon I realized that achieving goals is not an easy task. I was inspired by lots of people and their life stories.

But still I was confused because when you make goals you never think much about the difficulties or hurdles you need to overcome to achieve the goals. Running after your goals requires unlimited will power and extreme level of motivation. Later on I realized that I needed to set a schedule along with the list of goals. Since my focus was on achieving goals which really helped me to boost up my level of interest in achieving my goal. So I made a research about the qualities that a student must have before entering in the professional life. Later I tried to adapt those qualities in myself which really helped me to get my desired job.

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