21 day challenge

by Dinu

Hi,I am Dinu. I came to know about the law of attraction only recently. After that,I put it into use.I had no job, so I started affirmations for getting job. I decided to do it for 21 days.I started doing affirmations aloud as well as in my mind and miraculously, before 21 days I landed a job. I continued the affirmations and WITHIN 21 days,I got a better job that I desired. Its really great. Affirmations are working. Now I have set a goal for promotion using affirmations. I will post the result after I get promotion.

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Exemption From Military Service

by Sarbast
(From a third world country... called Iran)

Hi everyone.

My experience of affirmations is about millitary service. I never liked to go and actually I hated to do so. It is compulsory to go to millitary service in my country.

After a delay (two years) I decided to undergo this service in order to get passport. During the training period (which is two months) I wrote it down that I want to be exempted at all cost, no matter what but I had no clue how to do that...

When that training period finished we were sent to another city (the border of Iraq). Just before we got there a soilder had been killed in the same base. We were some what anxious. I become a watchman - you know holding a loaded gun and ready to shoot or to be shot.

Any way I started the AFFIRMATION immediately. Even now I am surprised about the result. I was exempted from military duty in three weeks. Only three weeks!

My job was to be a watchman four times in 24 hours. Each time for 2 hours. So it was 8 hours of being completely alone and having time to affirm.

My affirmation was: I'll be exempted.

I was exempted by a disorder in my body which disables a person to stand hard in cold weather - which caused exemption by the law. But now I can get rid of it by a simple surgery. Of course, I intend to get rid of it by silva method and affirmations again (my brother could do that).

Thanks to you. I hope success for every one.
(God bless affirmations for us)

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Do affirmations work? Yes they have always worked.

by Geoff Wall-Davis
(Birmingham, England.)

The most important thing about affirmations is to realise that it is nothing new.

For example, let's go back to our impressionable school days. One of the first tasks when starting our long road to education is to learn our time tables. At first it's not easy, but once learned we have programmed our subconscious minds with this mathematical knowledge and doing mental arithmatic becomes second nature. Also when at school when we did things wrong, we would have to write out lines instructing us not to do certain things, thus programming the subconscious mind.

To take this new/old theory even further we only have to remember when we learned to drive, especially when changing gears, and yet again when these things learned are fully embedded in the subconscious mind; they are thus second nature.

With this realisation and powerful knowledge of how affirmations and the subconscious mind works, and also reading many books on the subject, I have affirmed many times with amazing results. Results happen when you least expect them, but be warned, be very careful what you wish for, it's no good wishing for a Rolls Royce when a normal saloon car is just as good and more pracital.

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